• Trump Vs Bernie Sanders Debate

  • Transgender Bathroom Laws Gone Crazy

    I am astounded that we live in a country where states are adopting policies that allow for “children” to pick their own sex in high school and subsequently use showers and locker rooms with those of the opposite sex. I honestly have no problem with people wanting to live a life they feel most comfortable with. They are not accountable to me, therefore I do not judge them. I do however have a problem with who wants to identity with the opposite sex forcing others to make changes based on their feelings rather than factual evidence. The absurdity of the chromosome argument is nothing less than bogus pop science, unless you are specifically talking about the rare circumstance of a person being both with both actual sex organs (hermaphrodites). There is something mentally challenging about someone who “believes they are” the opposite sex, rather than “feeling like” the opposite sex.

    The delusion of the LGBT community is stepping so far over the line of rational behavior to the point where their absurdity is not only influencing policy, but we as a country are letting it. ( I am so thankful that there are at least some in the gay community profoundly speaking out against this absurdity. ) This is not a religious argument and this is certainly not about bigotry, this is simply about a very small segment of society forcing others to play their delusional game of pop science and emotionalism to get more rights and recognition for something they should not. ( Again, if someone would like to live an Ed Wood kind of lifestyle where they dress and feel like a woman, that is totally their right and I respect that. I do not however respect that these few people demand that we change laws to an irrational level. )

    Side Note: I honestly do not believe that many in the transgender community would abuse the rule, I simply think the completely and utter ignorance they are displaying concerning the straight community is staggering. The simple access for sex offenders, perverts and dishonest transgender identifiers would be nothing less than dangerous. In the end, most people know that bathrooms are a dwelling place for sex offenders.

  • Victoria Osteen Video – Going Viral

    Here is the exact video that is going viral around the internet and social media networks.  Victoria Osteen was interviewed and she clearly does not regret what she has said and in fact stands behind her comments.  She condemns people for twisting her words.  Needless to say, her words are very clear.  You decide.

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